Dirty Old Men

Compulsive Masturbator Seeks New Activity--m4w (Miami)
Because let's face it, it gets old being the only one going to the dance. I'd rather meet a woman I could spend my time with that doesn't go as fast as I do with myself. I'm more selective about partners and would rather be alone than be with someone that wasn't right for me.

If she's come this far than obviously she's got a better sense of humor and the same sense of adventure that I do. She's probably smiling to herself, slightly, wondering if I'm serious and why someone would write to such an ad. "If you're so selective," she thinks. "Why are you your most constant partner?" Touche.

I'm not impressing her so I'll invite her to know more about me. I'm not the typical guy you expect to engage in such frequent bouts of auto erotica, I'm actually good looking and despite going home alone, have caught many a woman's eye. I'm intelligent, funny (you decide), tall, athletic, active and devoted. All my friends consider me their best friend while my ex girlfriends think of me fondly.

I'd entice you further with a picture but at this point you've already made up your mind so I'll save it as just one of many delights you'll reap if we hit it off.

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