Grammatic Irony

Editor's Note: In the following personal posting, we counted 9 errors in grammar. According to Urban Dictionary, the term, grammatic irony, is defined as a situation "when a person correcting someone else's grammar, spelling, or general intelligence makes a grammar or spelling mistake themselves." (note the errors in that sentence).

How many can you find?
Must love grammar - 31 (Philadelphia)
Its annoying when girls don't use good grammar. I know some people could care less but for me its important.

Sometimes you just gotta reign it in and tow the line. Good grammar and intelligence are one in the same. Case and point: I should of known the ad with all the grammar mistakes wasn't worth answering...

But then there are those people who don't know that prepositions are words you can end sentences with. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

If you think your the kind of girl who can peak my interest, drop me a line. And please include a pic.

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