Gamersexual Seeks Female "Monster Hunter"

Musings of a Monster Hunter - 23 (Austin, TX)

im a geek.

i often would rather play video games than have sex.

do not misunderstand, not only do i like sex, but i would love to be playing those aforementioned video games with a hot girl, but, woe to me, hot girls dont play video games.

i wonder if girls get as much spam as guys on this site.... sorry. irrelevant.

i dont know all the qualifications of what i am looking for, so, in the interest of actually getting this ad out there, ill tell you what would be badass:
a girl who, geeky though she may (read=should) be, she is still able to be social and not a complete internet tool. she would hunt monsters with me, and post-fatalis, celebratory coitus would ensue. ;P

she would be musically eclectic, but be partial to punk and metal. comfortable with her own identity, she would give no fuck about others' opinions and would charge out a mohawk if she wanted. she isnt a gym rat, but is able to walk up 5 flights of stairs without having to have a lunch break.

she would be interested in language, communication and theoretical/hypothetical conversations.

she is without colour (read=im not too partial to any one race/ethnicity), and is not racist, but understands that the word nigger is:
a) just a word and
b) no longer really holds a specific racial connotation to our generation.

she is not easily offended, but is not a pushover.

she is many other things and is not many others as well, but she also understands that those things are unnecessary.

im a manly guy with manly needs

i drink lots of beer and smoke lots of weed

i work, i drive, i pay bills, i am poor, but i make the best of it and enjoy myself most of the time.

--androjeans 'M4RDUK', Hero of Kokoto, G-Ranked Monster Hunter

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