CARtarted Posting

Editor's Note: At first glance of the below ad, we thought that it was misposted however on closer inspection we found it was in fact a personal ad. Points could be made that cars can be sexy. Some of them smell great and have "great bodies" thus making it a great metaphor for the opposite sex.

One should caution that term "Porschaphilia" is used to describe people who love cars. Sporty roadsters have always been seen as an extension of the penis but porschaphiliacs like cars in the same way that Jeremy Clarkson wants to marry a Bugatti Veyron. The web is full of amateur videos featuring both sexes impaling themselves on lubricated gear sticks. In addition, we even found a lovely article that answered the age old question, "how can you have sex with a car?"

The short answer is, up the tailpipe.
WANTED: 70's AMERICAN CLASSIC -m4w- 36 (Dallas)
I am seeking a well maintained, low mileage American beauty. No fixer uppers. No drop tops please. No bumper stickers or custom headlights. No junk in the trunk.

Would consider the right import or very early 80's model.

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