Wizard of Odd

Dorothy, The Wizard and CL! m4w (Minneapolis)

What do they have in common?

Frankly, I'm not sure!

Dorothy was always looking for something "out there", much like many people say on CL.

I ask myself, "self, where is out there"??

She met allot of "dates" on the way; the Tin Man,who wasn't tall enough, the Scarecrow, who was bald and the Lion, who didn't make enough money!

So, they they are, all looking for Emerald City, or Mr. Right in this case!

You see, Dorothy was fiercely independent and didn't realize until she had traveled with her inadequte friends for awhile, that she indeed did need them!

And, what happened when they finally reached Emerald City? Ha! They found out that "out there" was just an illusion! She never left Kasas City afterall!

I'd just like to meet a gal who'd like to hang~out, drink my wine, eat and strip for me, and yes, I am sreious(lol)!

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