The complete list of my sexual conquests--m4w

1994-95 – Anna

1996- Julia, Alison

1997 – Italian girl at Karl’s party, Claire (Clare?), Jessica (fingered)

1998 – Anna again (big mistake), receptionist at my second temp job (possibly called Helena), Becky (I was in love but she went back to her boyfriend)

1999 – Jeremy’s girlfriend

2000-01 – Karolina (deported)

2002 – woman at night club, woman at night club, woman at night club, woman at Stewart’s barbecue, Stewart (accidental coming together of groins, the three of us were naked and very, very drunk), woman at nightclub

2003-06 – Evil Satanic Bitch Whore

don’t pretend your relationships have been any less incongruous and unsatisfying. Write to probably the most normal guy you’ll ever see in a lonely heart advert and maybe we’ll end up friends or lovers or despising each other and wincing every time we remember our awful one-night stand or maybe we’ll get married or have children.

Writing’s a good start though. Man, 29.

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