The Ice Queen Posteth

Editor's note: We received this lovely personal ad from a long time reader, Goldielocks. The reader admitted that this poster would probably "place you in a round room and instruct you to pee in the corner."

Another sid
e note, Urban Dictionary defines heartless bitch as "the kind of girl who would rip your still beating heart from your chest cavity, impale it with forks and meat tenderizers, and then proceed to stomp on it repeatidly with a golf cleat.."

Critical Overeducated Bitch Seeks Someone to Put Up With Her - 29 (San Francisco)
I come from a cold and judgmental academic family. The only time I notice I have emotions is when I have to work harder than usual to repress them.

I want a boyfriend with minimal conversation. I don't particularly want to hear the details of your day. I don't want to gossip.

Watching movies or talking about books or politics would be acceptable. Playing music together would also be a pleasant diversion.

Above all, you must never sound or appear excited to see me. In this situation I would immediately be flooded with contempt for you.

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