Hot for Teachers

Are you a lonely teacher? look no further!! - 27 (Houston)
Ok this is for all you teachers out there:

ok peoples, for reals, are you tempted by your students?

dont think your not, i've seen all you hot horned up teachers on the news. but i dont no one breaking the law and getting thrown in jail for 20 years so i'm here to offer my services.

all my friends ( and even strangers ) tell me how young i look. for reallys, like they all say i look like im 17. i dont see it, but whatever its clean living i guess.

so here is your chance, email me and i'll act like a 17 year old.

heck, i'll even drink crumby beer or whatever fashionable drink kids drink now adays. sparks or vodka and snapple. i'll even pretend to do stuff that teenagers do nowadays. from what i understand its: playing lots of halo3, wearing their hats sideways and listening to nickleback (not usually what i am into, but i'll play the part)

oh, and your if NOT a weirdo who likes to have sex with their students, you can email me to. i'm a pretty normai dude who has an unhealthy addiction to scrabble, imported beer, rocking out etc etc.

thats all so all you horned up teachers and hot normal chicks shoot me and email. no robots or BBWs. (no disrespect, but not my thing. sorry)

you pic gets mine.

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