Be Careful What You Ask For

Wanted: crazies and stalkers-m4w (Philadelphia)

Single white male, early 30’s in search of trashy stripper like nut cases for long term drama.

Seriously though, the so called normal girl wouldn’t be in to me or could not handle being with me so I am looking for the alternative.

Come one come all pierced, tattooed, smokers who eat meat and don’t have self esteem issues.
I don’t want a clingy text messaging idiot who gives a damn about Brittney Spears. I think video games are a waste of time. I’d rather be out drinking or having sex. A fondness for loud head banging music would be terrific.

Looks are important, let’s cut the bullshit. I tend to go for women between 5 foot and 5 foot 6. Weight? Well, hell if your chunky but carry it well then fine. But if you’re fat then you’re fat and me being honest will not want anything to do with you. Please don’t be one of these girls who constantly refers to herself as fat when other girls would kill for your body. That’s annoying and you are fishing for compliments.

Thin girls are awesome! Big boobs kick ass. If you wear thigh high stockings I automatically love you already.

Am I shallow? No. But girls that aren’t like the ones I’ve described would never be able to handle me or last long enough for me to waste my time on. Please be intelligent. I can’t stand dumb people who have no opinions or anything to say.

Must love dogs. I don’t do drugs so if you are all about the 420 then b-bye. Once in a while I can handle it, but all the time? Ah no…
Please have your own friends unless they include your ex’es. That’s creepy.

Please have a job that you’ve had for a decent amount of time. No its not because I’m gonna mooch off of you but because it shows commitment (even if it’s a crappy job you hate) and the fact that you aren’t a loser.
Yes family is important but do they make your decisions for you? I hope not. Do you have a kid? Don’t worry I don’t judge.

But please make some time for me, okay? Be a good mommy but hello why answer this unless you want some grown up time too?

I seriously doubt that the type of girl I’m looking for will read this but hey you never know right?

Editor's Note: We found one in the Philly area for you! (see below) Added bonus, you both posted on the same day.

i'm a crazy bitch. w4m (Philadelphia)

i'm not your average girl. i don't look like every other girl on here.

i don't act like one. i can guarantee you i'm a hell of a lot more complex than the majority of them.
i used to cut myself when i was younger. y'know, to get the pain i was feeling inside to show on the outside. some pathetic shit like that. i'm pretty much over that, but i still am not quite a happy-go-lucky person. i take antidepressants.

i'm extremely insecure and lonely. so i'd like to find a guy willing to take that kind of challenge on.

if i found someone who actually really was interested in learning about me, who showed an interest in my thoughts and feelings,
i think i might fall over. of course i would do the same.

i just feel like i'll never find anyone who could put up with me. prove me wrong.

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