Man Cannot Live on Bread Alone

Online dating is a little like buying bread… - 26 m4w

You’re standing in the aisle staring at 40 different brands and checking out various flavors of sourdough, rye, wheat, white, etc. Your pick is determined quickly based upon 10 seconds of previous history and visual appeal.

You’re home later that night with some fresh turkey from the deli aisle, slipping a few pieces and a slice of cheddar between two stale slices that not only now lacks physical appeal but 2 seconds into the mouth provides a nothing response from the complete void of any flavor or uniqueness.

In the same way I dislike buying unknown bread, I hate the idea of making the same mistakes in dating. I do not like dating. I loathe it to be more exact. I love people and I hate dating. There is nothing more awful that trying to form a unique interesting bond with someone who is void of any flavor or uniqueness.

I am looking for a date with a unique flavor-rich woman who is self determined, interesting, and more intelligent than the norm. I am a tasty slice of bread and hope you are too.

No stale day-olds need apply.

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