Lazy for Crazy

Crazies Over Here! - 24
I just want a crazy fuckin chick. Normals are welcome too.

I just don' t think I have too much to offer the norms, except a lot of movie quotes and posters depicting 78 year old pimps. I just got here from the East Coast.

*A history of being medicated. (Chemical imbalances are so much fuckin fun.)
*A gener al knowledge of [adult swim].
*Must be coo
l with spending the whole weekend in my room, smoking and watching VH1.
*A history of making people miserable. (Hopefully not me, but I do like a spark.)

*Maybe hate one of your parents.

*Own no clothes over $100. (I think my $4 Shenanigans shirt would clash.)
*Have a decent desire to drink me under the table.

*Must be cool with insanely inappropriate conversation.


*Don't do fancy beers, so just drop it.
*Could be moving this summer, so no long-term.

*11 tattoos.
*Want a simple fuckin life!
*In shitty Beaverton right now, and no car.

Bottom line, I'm so fuckin awesome. But I'm not gonna find my soulmate, so why not have some fun?

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