Last Call!

Younger: Last Call Before Dyketown! - 43 (San Francisco)

Is there a younger man who is twenty-seven to thirty-two-ish, 5'10" or over, good shape, warm, funny, hella smart, mellow, a sensualist, on something akin to a spiritual path, creative, a bit kinky/twisted, and loves older women?

Do a google image search for Tina Fey. If she's your type, there's an excellent chance I will be, too.

I am unlike anyone I've ever met, and searching for another true original for that oh-so-elusive chemical combustion leading to real connection in a not-so-traditional form. Hard and soft, silly and serious, like life when we're awake to it.

Please be able to host. If you are more intimidated than excited by super-smart women, we are not a match. Also, please send a face or face/torso photo(s). If I get a hit we may click, I will do the same! Any dick shots will be reposted in M4M with your email address.

My allergies: smoke of any kind, excess drinking, bigotry, lies (especially lies of omission to your partner), cliches (not to be confused with classics), sexually explicit words or photos from strangers, sulfa drugs, raw okra.

My weaknesses: A lush mouth, gently v-shaped torso, the smell of fresh sweat, Mediterranean (or non-WASP) looks, Jews, Italians, Latinos, the sight of two beautiful men kissing.

If you're not my type but know a hot butch dyke, please send her my way, I keep striking out with women, hence this ad. You men are much more straightforward, G-d love ya.

"Bi" for now—hit me back before I become a lesbian forever!

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