Headline Collection IV

Part IV in our series of personal ad headlines collections. We read countless ads a week but these ads caught our attention for all the wrong reasons. Be sure to check out our other headline collections: Part I, Part II, and PartIII

Men for Women (M4W)

My penis is made of chocolate and ejaculates money - 23

Is your baby cannon empty? Looking to reload?

First we live in a condo,after the 2nd child we buy a house - 35

Don't let naked Lindsay Lohan pictures be the highlight of my week. - 30

I will not miss alien visitors for anyone... - 20

Your gene pool could use a little chlorine?

I am a walking beer ad

Women for Men (W4M)

I hate headlines - 25

The 10 Reasons Why I Will Die Alone - 33

Seeking Gomez Addams or Nacho Libre type - 48

Are you aiming for these people??!! No... well, maybe that mime... - 32

if you dress like a hipster lumberjack - 18

I Didn't Post a Pic Cause I Want To Be Exclusive To THAT Person - 30

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