Cupid is Stupid!

Cupid with an arrow looking for a target! (a poem) 46

Cupid is I
ho's thin and tall
My diaper days are over I'm tellin' you all!
I'm aiming my arrow at one's special heart
But not the kind of woman that shops at WalMart!!!
So drop me a note if you're looking for a date
'cause this here cupid would make an excellent mate
My interests are varied as yours are too
Together we'll mold into a "Crazy kind of glue"!!!

Cupid followed it up with the following posting:

I'm the guy who wrote the cupid poem - 46

I just finished having a phone conversation with a woman who told me that my original posting has created some sort of a "buzz". She said that someone wrote that we once went on a date and that I was wearing clothes from WalMart.

Well, they may have originally been purchased at WalMart, but I probably got them for less at Goodwill or Value Village!

As far as the goodnight kiss on our first date I probably didn't French kiss her (my mother always said not to do this until the second date!).

As far as tatoos go, I don't have any - never have and never will. Same with piercings.

Finally, its true that I'm not real muscular. I did do ten pushups after watching the track and field event on NBC this morning. Some freak of nature threw a shot put over 200 feet (or yards - I had the volumne turned off so I could listen to my old Cars CD) so I decided to do my own feats of strength - the ten pushups and then I "curled" two 16 ounce beers.

Anyway, the date I had with the woman known as "skank" was fun but she politely declined a second one. Just thought I'd set the record straight.

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