Paddy Cake Wanted

IRISH GIRL - 25 m4w

i like your freckles. i like your hair. i like your accent. i like your wit.

i'd cook you breakfast, lunch and dinner. and by that i mean a six pack of cold ones whenever you're hungry. i don't really drink much but i don't mind if you do.

i'll even bring you to bed when you're passed out and tie you down because it'll be slippery from the plastic covering the mattress to catch all your throw-up. just kidding. i'd never use plastic, tarp is much more practical.

i don't care if you make fun of me, i'll just kiss you on the forehead and if you slug me one well that's okay too, i'd wear a shiner from you like a badge of love.

Of course this doesn't mean i'm a push over, i'm no doormat for you to walk all over, i'd insist that you only take a swing at me on friday nites so i'll have the whole weekend for the swelling to go down before i go back to work on monday... i didn't get any sleep last nite .. i'm super tired .

.i don't know who/what will respond to this ad, hopefully it's a nice irish girl that smells good

(i hope i didn't offend anybody ..i am sincerely looking for a nice irish girl to be a good boyfriend too)

..honest, when you fall asleep on the couch i'll pull a bla
nket over you, if the weather turns bad on you.

-i'll bring you hot chocolate and the jacket you left behind to your work, i'll hide an extra sweater under the bed just in case you take all the covers, if you're sick i'll make you soup or i'll let you cough on me so you won't be sick alone

i'm looking for something long term coz the truth is i don't do well with anything less.

Maybe you should be looking for something like this.. (complete with green dress)

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