Pyramid Poop Scheme

29 white guy from the North East of Baltimore - 29 w4m

what up im justin. maslows chart is down
there pictured and i feel like im at the top but i dont have a girl

i live with my mother but i have 2 masters degrees ( just sayin that cuz it takes somewhat of a brain to get masters degrees ) and i wont ever need you for money

Those must be some heavy student loans.

i lived in philly for 5 years and ive been back
here 3 ... 2 of the years i lived with my xgirlfriend and been with my mother whos never hear cuz she married and is usually found there......im back in the hood as they say at my moms crib been hear a year

Wouldn't that be your mom's house? Where else would your mom be found--the corner?

i dont go to bars and clubs i go to restaurants and go home and
watch tv or some shit afterwards,....... most people here seem to show off all they shit and drink and fuck drink and fuck , ............we can do that shit here and i dont want to be a regular where everybody knows my name i like to be discreet and lay low ...

i work a lot and
sometimes i work really crazy hours, sometimes i work through the nite to the morning, ive lived in parkville my entire life besides living in philly and i know the county and city like the back of my hand and i also know philly like the back of my hand and i know how to make my way around both ...i can make my way around anywhere and i hope u can too because we all are in the struggle together ...

so im just givin u
sum of me, but i like girls into hip hop of any race that knows whats up all sizes too ...thats it cya justin please send me a picture u see mine :-)

Editor's Note: What do you think his "masters degrees" are in, ladies?

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