Inner Office Nightmare?

Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam - 24 w4m

So I've posted a few ....posts.. and apparently I can't make myself clear enough.

This is who I am: sarcastic(to the point of utter rude), likes to party, likes to have fun, sadistic sex drive, cute but not remotely a "nice girl", TV junkie, movie buff, dog lover.

respond if you are really into sports. Football is stupid and boring. Soccer is okay, due to the hot guys in shorts and they do some neat tricks
, but I dont follow a specific team.

I don't want to go for long walks or hikes with you(I go for long walks but thats to clear my head
and would rather do it alone), I don't want to talk about feelings and emotions, just random thoughts like "What if the President were a robot?" or "How many pennies would you need to fill up the grand canyon?".

Don't respond with "I'm a nice guy, blah blah height and blah blah weight, i work out 6 days a week, like to drink beer and watch football, like to treat a lady to dinner"

I'm not a lady. I'm a ravenous beast that accepts the fact that I'm human, have needs, but I don't believe we are higher up when it comes to animals. I just want to have some fun before I die, is that so much to ask?

And yes, I'm a thrill seeker, so sky-diving is in my future, and if you happen to know a good beach where sharks are around, let me know. I like to eff around with sharks with my shark rocket.

I'll send you a pic, but you have to send one first, because I'm not interested in "nice" looking guys who pluck their effing eyebrows and wear button down shirts.

Editor's Note: One reader suggested that this poster check out the Times article on 50 Reasons Why You Are Still Single. (thanks Bingo!)

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