Pity Party


Hi. You'll have forgive of there're any typos here since I am doing this from a hosPital bed, immobilized in a full body cast with only my face expozd & witjh a pen in my mouth. I'll start by getting the inevitable humor out of the way, as no doubt, some of you will find this funny...

--The accomodatuions arent bad....considering the old man in the room next to mne is on heavy meds & keeps muttering incessantly about 'karate'.
--the night orderly always enters my room at 3am to make disturbing remarks about "nude lifeless bodies in the east river"
--How'd I get this way? Let's just say that pianos don't just fall from buildings in cartoons.
--I'm a hit with the nurses & custodial staff. I hear them laugh as they walk past my room, call me & sing "Piano Man". .....Hip hip hurrah.
--The food isn't so bad .....if you like having your well done steak & potatos through a straw.
--The smart ass intern likes to enter my room with a sudden, loud noise....just to see my body jerk since I can't turn my head. Hilarious.

And there you have it. So what am I looking for?

A friendly BBW who happens to have extremely large breasts. Race unimportant, just have the same attitude & the above traits.

Send along a pic & note & hit me back. (no wait- I've already BEEN hit. *Write* me) & this cute, lean Sbm will reply....You know. With the pen in my mouth.

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