Douchebagnitude Rating of 8

Trust fund baby seeks perfect woman to spoil and ride in my Ferrari - 28

My parents are wealthy bank owners through out Latin America. I moved into the US to pursue a Masters Degree however I like it very much here. On top of that I have a foundation thats non-profit.

I need the perfect lady in my life thats not clingy. My nature is very sexual as I am a latin man. I can afford to spoil you and give you what you want. Some people say I am a very connected man having had lunch with many powerful US figures.

Please send me an email with a picture if you dont have a picture you dont get a reply from me...
Dear Trustafarian Peacock:

Presenting oneself in a manner that inspires those around to wish your immediate and painful death isn't the best way to attach a mate. Plus, we love how the pic of you in YOUR car is in a dealership sales floor. We look forward to seeing your picture grace Hot Chicks with Douchebags.


PS. We hope you like our photoshop job on your photo!

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