Best of the Worst Dating Sites

Editor's Note: SPA has several volunteer contributors that search dating sites out for the best of the worst. On some sites, like Craig's List, contributors dig through hundreds of "Men for Women" and "Women for Men" ads. Other listings are sent in by readers and occasionally we will grab an idea from the media, like the Gaker's Worst Person in the World Story. As the market for online personal ads grows, we are seeing more and more specialized or niche sites as well as video dating profile sites.

Today's post highlights some of the best of the worst sites.

Conjugal Harmony

Market: Profile site featuring "4,000 life-sentenced inmates who are looking to meet and marry that special someone."

Special Notes of Interest: (from the site)
Imagine having a wife who is always glad to see you, never cheats or stays out all night, and who rocks your ever-loving world twice a month with a pent-up vengeance you haven't felt since college. Now imagine she never takes your credit cards, doesn't spend all day talking to her mother, and never knows if you're out with friends or sleeping around. Now stop imagining and open your eyes to the world of Conjugal Harmony. For almost a decade we've connected honest, background cleared, non-prisoners with exciting, passionate, loyal mates on the inside, and with rates so low you might think you're the crook!

Sample Posting: (from site)
Favorite hobbies in prison: Hot dog night is pretty much all I have to look forward to anymore. I also made a special waist band device for the purpose of intimacy that uses a hot dog and it works pretty good. I have t hide it though cuz they don't let that.

Bad Online Dates

A bitch fest where users recount their worst dating stories in order to appear pathetic enough to garnish a date.

Sample Posting:
...A month and a half later I find out that not only is he going to swinger parties but he is also dating another girl that he thought he got pregnant. Come to find out as well he has lied about everything. 36 years old with 2 kids and lives with his mom and dad and doesn't work. As well as having a serious cocaine problem that he doesn't want to fess up to....

Pot Partners

Market: A profile place to find stud stoners and bud babes. Added bonus every profile picture includes a bong or hash pipe. Light'em if you got them.

Special Notes (from site)
We really wanted to roll out on April 20th! (Fourth Month 20th day) But it just didn’t happen. We are ready now! Please enjoy the site.

Sample Posting:

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