Lookin for a 3.5+ GPA Blondie, Brown eyes, Ditzy, & Short - 21 m4w

Hey, among the above type of girl I'm looking for, I'm also lookin for a girl who loves to be in the moment, smells like flowers from the Garden of Eden, reminds me of a perky little kitten, and she must be down with breakdancing otherwise she does not get the necklace to the next round (Yeah, my life is pretty much a reality tv show).

Here's my daily schedule I would like you to fit in.

Starting at 10am, you will:

1) wake me up by rubbing my feet
2) get up and turn on the cartoons (because the remote dropped from my dresser)
3) cook me breakfast, (eggs sunnyside up and bacon please)
4) leave gracefully and without noise so i can start the day off on an airy, pleasant note
5) wait for my further instructions on what to do for the next day

Wish I could put my pic up here, but due to privacy, a pic gets a pic. And trust me. My harem of women say I'm hot. Oh damnit. One of them stopped fanning me with the gigantic blue feather. Alright, she picked it up fast enough. She doesn't get time in the corner.

If you fit the above description, then tell me something extremely interesting in ur reply email or describe to me something lovely, like a wide-open wheat field with dancing midgets and somersaulting ninjas and monkeys clapping bronze pans.

Who knows, maybe you're exactly my type.

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