Headlines, Holiday Collection.

Part III in our series of personal ad headlines collections. We read countless ads a week but these ads caught our attention for all the wrong reasons. Happy Holidays!

**Be Sure to check out Part I and Part II!


Everybody needs a wookie - 32

bipolar seeks similaresque

The Orginal McLovin-20

I want to HEADBUTT YOU tonight!!

$$$ Gold diggers Wanted $$$ - 40

Yes I'm a black guy who lives in center city but I'm not Gay - 32

I was not fondling the lambswool sweater


Quick! Read this post or creatures will eat you while you sleep! - 31


I'm not a demanding physcopath - 25

&^(*&*&%^$&.sos.sos.sos^*((&*^&%^$£ CrAzY CzEcH - 47

I'm combing the desert...Spaceballs style. - 26

can you handle my revirginized hotness? - 33

Little Person with Prosthetic Arm and Gimpy Leg - 27

Bait not included - 22

Technophobic negativist research scientist seeks polymath ascetic - 22

I already HATE you - 25

The next man who tells me he loves to cook will get puked on - 40so

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