Guided By Voices?

fat bear needs his cub - m4m

fat bald aging bear w huge flappy gut needs his warm cub
gay man here on meds, looking for someone like me too

i hear voices, im schizo and live in l. please dont be judge-MENTAL

im a gay retard male, i look straight
im very heavy, hairy and balding

i eat too much and my parents own a army & navy store
im on ssi,so dont expect much except my bipolar love.

We suggest checking out the national bear codes for all your bear personal ad needs!

From the website:
"Because "Bears" mean so many things to different people, because bears come in all shapes and sizes and have different sexual proclivities, because classified ad prices are SOOOOOO expensive..we came up with this incredibly-scientific system to describe bears and bear-like men!!"
Using this system the above ad would read:
B4 c++d+ f++ g- k+ q- r-- s- t- w++

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