Warning: Preemptification of a Bunny Boiler

Do you have elf ears or resemble Tom Hanks? - 21 W4M

then you should join the circus.

I am looking for an easy going guy. if you like surfing or the beach, then you can piss off. i hate the beach. i would much rather be at the desert or hiking in the sierras.

do you like art, staying in your awesome apartment or seeing a show downtown? then go to hell. i love going to shitty bars and having a mess of a good time in the weirdest situations.

do you have lots of friends that are women? then I will stab them in the heart because i am the only woman rocking your tiny world.

do you enjoy making your own decisions and having free will? well thats too damn bad.

do you like to play with fire, drink beer, eat pizza, go hiking, ride motorcycles, go fishing, snowboard, go to places uninvited, litter, ignore dishes in the sink, and call in sick 4/5 days of the workweek? then you and i need to do it.

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