Renaissance Faire meets the Recycling of Endearments

How Green art thou, my Love? (m4w)
  • Doth thou recycleth every mere morsel of sustainence that doth not make it thru the portal of thine sweet unglossed ruby lips as thou suppeth?
  • Does every stick and vine re-enter the world as mulching matter thru the brown bin that mysteriously releases its' load every two weeks in the foggy a.m.?
  • Does the sound of huge Elephant-like Vehicles trumpeting, squealing, and screeching like Recycled Dinosaurs as they lurch through thine Holy Hood every Tuesday bring tears of Gratitude to thine eyes and filleth thine Heart with Purest Love for Humanity?
  • Do the batteries that charge marching bunnies find their way to the right bin and not into the large holy mound of dirt that speweth forth it's unholy stink in isolation?
  • Do thine slightly used tampons also maketh it to thine compost heap? Surely there must be some worm that will returneth them to the brown earth!
  • Do thy returneth all plasticeth bags back to their Source and reduceth thine use of them in a primal way?

Have thou casteth thine displeasure upon thou fellow consumers of goods who still partake in this barbareth practise, admonishing them firmly....Cast thou fllimsy bags aside, and take up the cloth swiftly!

Please do not misinterpreth mine holy intentions! It is not mine sacred task to judjeth you for any baggy indiscretions! I merely beseech thee to check thine huge blue plastic bin by the drive and see if it is indeed full!

Allow me to be thine eyes in this matter and drive by in the midst of the blacketh night and indeed check to see if indeed you are recycling all thou sayeth thou indeed are!

If indeed this is the holy case, lettuth proceed together down this sacred path. Let us bind our hearts and hands together, and don heavy rubber gloves, and take up this holy task of enlightenment and correction of our neighbors whose eyes may still be unopened to this most grandeth plan of the Most Holy Divine Heavenly Recycler.

For Ith not the Holy Universe itself, indeed just a vast three dimensional plain of Endless recycling opportunities???

Do my words touch thy Heart? Oh, tell me please that is the case, Greeneth Woman. Tell me how thy falter and swoon at the mere thought of such Combined Multi-Handed Effort! I shall not degrade you! I sweareth not to cast aside a single can that could make it back to a renewed aluminum consumer product!

So join me now Green Maiden and allow the Full Verdant Blush to return to thine Sacred Cheeks. There is little time to waste! We shant break a single glass bottle letting it's unredeemed shards escape and imbede in the gravel driveway in our holy efforts! Thith minute as we speaketh a cans are being tossed away irreverantly at every 7-11, College Campus, and Fast Food Restaurant in the country!

Hurry my love! Waste not a single breath in the delay of our Holy Union together that will Benefith all of Humanity and the lesser Beasts as Well!

p eth...if you write a one-liner, and don't include a photograph, or at least brief description of yourself, thou wilt be recycledeth immediately and thou shalt rotteth forevereth in the cyberdump. ya'd thinketh you galeths wouldth be a loteth smarter but apparentlyeth you're knoteth!

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