Q: What is worse than a male chauvinistic pig?

A: A woman that won't do what she's told

Seeking woman tolerant of unconventional views - 31

I'm a fairly relaxed, respectable person. I'm no Brad Pitt but I'm 6' tall and keep in pretty good shape. I'm a medical doctor at one of the larger regional hospitals in Portland, OR. However I currently spend about 1/3 of my time here in the Bay area for work and may be relocating soon.

My biggest hobby is auto-racing, which I usually do twice a month at a race track in Vancouver, WA. I don't read fiction novels, with the exception of the classics, and you'll find mostly history, biographical and philosophy books in my personal library. I'm not religious, though I'm not against those who are. For me, I'm I scientist and prefer to think for myself. And it is here that I find problems in having long-term relationships.

As a doctor and scientist by profession and independent thinker and social scientist by hobby, I have concluded that men are superior to women. Men are physically, mentally, intellectually, emotionally and morally superior to women. Of course there are a few exceptions... a few of the most talented women can compete with a few of the least talented men, but I'm addressing the norm here.

I'm looking for a woman who:
  • When I ask her to be quiet because she's boring me with her stories and opinions, will not get upset or yell.
  • Will not question my decisions publicly and will be prepared to be ignored if she questions them privately.
  • Will be prepared to do a majority of the domestic work should we end up in a long-term relationship. These are some of the few tasks women are suited to do.
  • Will be responsible for her own sexual gratification. While I have some level of expertise through experience and medical knowledge, it's not my job to magically know what you want in bed.
I know this all sounds harsh but I want to be as direct as possible so that we will not waste each other's time. If you find my opinions offensive you have the choice not to respond. I'm not trying to change your opinion, just seeking those women who are like-minded. Please don't send me your hate mail as you won't change my opinion. This is supposed to be the most tolerant and progress city in America. We'll see.

If what you've read is acceptable, please don't hesitate to contact me. There is nothing wrong with accepting your rightful biological and evolutionary role in a relationship.

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Anonymous said...

Hahah. I didn't know the ad in my social research project became famous. Here are the reponses which I got to this:

I would be interested to know what kind of evidence you obtained that made you so convinced males are superior? Also, how does male superiority (or any individual superiority for that matter) warrant someone the right to treat others worse than they expect to be treated? Please, dont take this as hate mail, but since you've claimed to be a scientific thinker i simply expect you to have the ability to validate your theories. My personal claim is that regardless of physical mental and emotional capacity (which varies amongst men as well) people should not be categorized by or mistreated because of their specific downfalls. If everyone chose to treat others based on their status in comparison then the world would be a very cruel, hateful, and dangerous place. Perhaps your descriptions of how you treat women also describes how you feel it would be appropriate for someone superior to yourself to treat you? Maybe someone with more money, power, intelligence, and physical attractiveness? I would never claim to be more intelligent or capable than you, but i would also never treat anyone who was less intelligent or capable than me differently than i would treat you.

Wow! For a "doctor and scientist by profession and independent thinker
and social scientist by hobby" you are ridiculously close-minded. I
suppose the proper term would be 'sexist'. You state that men are
physically, mentally, intellectually, emotionally and morally superior
to women, yet you fail to mention any specifics. Could that be because
Mr. Scientist has absolutely no data to support his hypotheses?
Further, your request may be the most redundant diatribe I have ever
heard. I assume that you refer to intelligence when you say "mentally"
yet you through in "intellectually" anyways. I guess that's just to
make your point clear to all of the 'inferior' women that may be
reading your manifesto. You do however, maintain a large amount of
ambiguity with your complete lack of specifics. Men are indeed
typically stronger than women but I am unsure that such strength makes
them physically superior to women. I'm sure that there are a few
aspects of the female form that you may appreciate, unless you prefer
males for all physical activities. Further, there have been many
studies on emotional intuitiveness and it's correlation with sex and
women always blow men out of the water in these studies. I'm sure you
must be familiar with the studies in which both male and females are
shown pictures of facial expressions and attempt to identify the
emotion being represented. Needless to say, the women consistently
properly identify the emotions (because we are mind readers) whereas
the men fail miserable (because, like you, they are not mind readers).
As far as men being morally superior to women, I have no data on such
a thing. I suppose when you said you enjoy reading philosophy you only
meant male philosophers. I think that reading a little Simone De
Beauvoir may help to enlighten you as to the social stratification of
the female.
Ultimately, I don't find your opinions "offense" so much
as I find them to be ignorant and offensive. I have a sneaking
suspicion that you are simply to rile up some ladies and get some
responses. If not, I am gravely disappointed that someone who is
apparently so educated could be so goddamn stupid. You truly are


So I am guessing that this post has gotten you plunty of responces.

You know I'm not going to bash you, but only say that believe it or not most women would love to stay home and take care of the "domestic work", but are you really ready to take on the responsibility of making all the decisions, and soley taking care your significant other and possible family?

Direct is fine, and I agree there isn't any reason in waisting anyones time, so I applaud you for being honest.

I'm curious to hear what you have to say. You sound very intellectule, I'm sure there is some sort of science behind your views. I hope to talk to you soon.


Dear Unconventional Thinker,

A couple of things weren't clear in your ad, so I thought I'd drop a line to ask you about them. You did not state an age range that you're looking for -- is that important to you, or does the attitude of your prospective partner override that? Are you looking to have children?

Based on your ad, would it be reasonable to assume that if you want a woman to assume a submissive/utilitarian role, you would take on the "traditional" male role of financially supporting her, so that she will be free to attend to domestic matters? And if this is not the case, would you mind if you had a working partner who made enough money to hire out the heavier domestic work (with the understanding that your partner would still cook for you, and do basic daily household chores)?

You have some unusual requirements, and I am wondering what you have to offer in return, other than your inherent superiority (I realize that sounds sarcastic, but that is not my intent).

This is hilarious! Nice joke! Since you are so "superior" to women, you might
want to learn how to use spell-check on your computer or at least have the basic
knowledge to be grammatically correct. All I can say is, whoever posted this
was not for real and good attempt at shock value. Ha! Ha!

you would not have wrote such an offensive add if you didn't want attention and hate mail, it sounds like you have no self esteem and really dont know how to satisfy a women in bed or they wouldn't have to do it themselves. you look like a pretty cool guy and then you open your mouth and sound like a complete retard. your add needs to read looking for a domesticated house BITCH.

Ok, I was in the Rants and Raves section, and I came across THIS AD being discussed. It was kind of funny. You might want to check it out.

It's in the "speed dating/personals" conversation that is going on.

In fact I think you are mentioned more than once.

Ta Ta


You have the most extraordinary deadpan sense of humor it's ever been my pleasure to see on Craigslist. I nominated your ad for "best of." I am chuckling to myself just imagining the indignation of all the women who think you're actually serious.

For what it's worth, I'm single, 35, self-employed, literate, and usually mildly embarrassed to be female, based on the behavior of other women; if you'd like to know more, feel free to ping me back.

you couldnt even get a fag to suck your holier than thou fucking puny assed dick! You need to grow a pair and get over yourself, BIOTCH!


Hi. So I noticed your ad on craigslist and was interguied. I have
somewhat of a conservative view on relationship. I would love to be a
stay at home mom (tending to the children, cooking, and
cleaning...although a house cleaner would be nice). I don't know if
this would interest you at all but I thought I would see what happens.
So if you want to know more about me, I would love to have you reply.

Attached is a picture.


Hopefully women are smart enough to not answer your add is search of love. Because if you truly loved them you would not treat them as you do. As good looking as you are you sir are the ignorant one. While I may not know doctoring I know animals and you are lower than they. Do you often wonder why your relationships don't last? Stop thinking cause I am sure you ex's have already told you. Big suggestion find a girl from another country who thinks abuse is a normal part a marriage.

You’re good looking… but I don't totally agree with you -- especially when it comes to emotional strength. Women do all the work. It is documented based on studies that men have 18 hours more leisure time per week than women and if men are not made to work and hustle at a young age, they tend not to want to work at all. Women hustle and we take care of everyone -- the children, men, ourselves. Men tend to be more about themselves and everyone knows this -- it's called "selfishness."

However, I do believe women and men do have their places and roles and no one is complying to them anymore. I like the home environment and do not mind cooking and cleaning. I really think men should still bring home the bacon, and a woman contribute financially on a part time basis. I am old fashion and not into drama. Thus, I would not engage in arguments or confrontations simply because I hate that stuff. I meditate and believe in spiritual balance. I like peace and quiet in the home and fun, honest friends. Do not like deception in a person or relationship. This shuts me down immediately. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt and have been known to be one who gives good advice amongst the circle of my friends and family.

I also like playing my keyboard and guitar, exercise, travel, reading and creative writing, and visiting art museums/galleries.

That's it for now. I think we could have very interesting conversations. No one is superior to the other, believe me when I tell you this. We are all here for just a moment in time, have no control over when we will die, and we are microscopic beings compared to the vastness of the universe. What is superior in that?

Hi you peaked my interest (not that you care) haha. Anyways if you want to know more about me my email is chrissyconc@gmail.com .

Although the city is a progressive city, I wouldn't necessarily claim it to be a tolerant city... After reading your ad I am, without a doubt, thoroughly convinced that you one, got your degree online and two, your antiquated and medieval ways of thinking should stay where you are. No self-respecting, free-thinking and independent woman would stoop so low as to be seen in the company with a man such as yourself.

Perhaps the reasons that you are unable to maintain a long-term relationship isn't because of your independent thinking it's because you are an jackass with absolutlely no respect for women, their opinions, their social status and their ability to be an equal partner to a man. It is my belief that a man who chooses a woman whom he deems inferior to him is a man who is afraid of an intelligent woman only because of the simple fact that he himself possesses a very small dick and therefore needs to make himself feel better by degrading woman publicly and privately.

Should we ever cross paths it should be known that I am not above taking donkeys out to pasture and flogging them with my broom and mop... It is, afterall, one of the few things I am suited to do... and do well... You self-righteous, egotistical, mama's boy.

Wow... I do believe men are smarter.