Multiple Guess?

If I'm So Hot, Why Am I Single?- w4m

a) Because i'm an insecure bitch and i'm accustomed to men catering to me.. and the minute things don't go my way i melt (returning to the plastic lump i was injection-molded out of)

b) Because i'm too picky. if you're not tall, dark, handsome, quirky and cool i don't even want to make out with you (p.s. sex is a special kind of love i only give to people who are hot)

c) Because i'm too intimidating... i mean, if that's the case i totally understand. but i really don't think thats ever going be true.

d) Too busy? too funky? too hip? too cute? too loca? too fuckin funny?.. damn.

e) Because i'm forever destined to wander the earth alone... the last dinosaur on earth.

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