Worthless Without a Photo

Innocent and inexperienced Nike looking to get naked - 40

Hey ladies, my name is Nicolas, and I am a family man any woman dying to relate with. I have blond hair sometimes looks like gray, and blue eyes sometimes look like hazel depends on what I wear. I am a real gentleman who knows how to treat a woman. I know what woman wants.

Sometimes I am a little tricky to make woman feel comfortable. For example, I am comfortable with the size of my penis, but someone I dated had complained that it was too small to feel it. So I wear 3 condoms to please her, it went great
So, you are not above a roofie?
I like it when/My hair is poofie/I like it when/You slip me a roofie.

I am smart and really good in negotiation with women. A matter of fact that was what I do every day at work.
But not so good with the personal ad? Wait, isn't this a negotiation?!
Since I was complained at times, I decide to date asian women only for the obvious reason that other women can’t feel anything when I inside them even when I wear 3 condoms.
I may sound boring but I really laugh a lot sometimes I don’t know what I laugh for but just follow someone then you will be never wrong. I only do safe sex and prefer someone have a HIV report if they want to have sex with me.
Based on the previous paragraphs, why would any woman have sex with you?
I was very sad in the past few years, I got devoiced in May 2001, lost my brother in May 2003, and my parents both died in an accident in May 2004, now I am disabled and part time in school for the endless MBA study.

But I am much better now, I even teasing with someone I known long time. I am not the type of handy man but I am very good in negotiations if you ever need any help. Asian women all like me because I always act like innocent and inexperienced guy who is the man they want to relate to. Anyways, write to me and let’s see what gonna happen.

If I am out of luck this time, I am thinking about to have the MTF operation (male to female). I am short and I am probably look hot afterwards, what do you think?
Slant drilling at its worst. So you are going to poll random strangers on whether you should cut off your penis. Good plan!

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