J.E.E.P.: Just Expect Every Problem

Looking for a jeep with a hiking dog, girlfriend optional - 32

It’s been a little over one year since I gave her up. She was great, I had her for ten years and didn’t want to end it but the call to a sleeker faster city girl finally did me in. Leather, heated seats, sunroof, and the roar of a German Girl hitting triple digits down 280.

What I miss about her most was I could always count on her. No matter where I was, in the city, around the bay area, or in the mountains she always turned over & over. We always had fun and fit in every where we went. Man I miss her….

Only if I could have two girls at the same time! One for the mountains skiing in tahoe, camping in the sierra’s, or just those spur of the moment road trips discovery N. CA and the other the stylish comfy cruiser.. There is just not enough room in my life for two…. It’s hard to have one alone in the city how can you have two with out a constant rotation. That’s way too much work.

Ah but some day, when I have a nice little house and will have the best of both worlds… One day soon...
No requirements on the dog?

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