Ex Photo Facto-Please Don't Posto, Ever

Would a picture of me and an old girlfriend making out gross you out? - 31

if so don't scroll down...of course this was taken as part of a series of us, well getting it on...so I had to black our faces out...anyways just looking for a new girlfriend, hit me up if you wanna know all about me :)

Come the F@#$ on! First of all, the photos is disgusting. Second, one should never ever mention the ex in the first five mins. This is a super important point because you were doing porn.

Does this mean you still HAVE the collection of the videos you made together? Time for you to move on. The last thing a new chick wants to think about is the fact you still get up for your ex.

/End Rant

***This photo could be described as a "double bagger", someone so ugly one has to put a bag on his or her head while having sex. The other partner must put one on their head in case the one of the partners loses his or her bag.

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