Correction to Title, Hella Loser

iI am hella weird--27 m4w

While everyone at my workplace enjoys listening to either 107.7, 106.1, or 97.7, I on the other hand would rather sit working at my desk, listening to video game music, euro-pop, classical, or some underground rap nobody has ever heard of; and while this is all very true, my favorite band of all time is KoRn.

On the other hand, there are different fingers. You, sir, are vastly superior being to your counter parts. Your musical tastes for video game music is so high brow, not to mention the classical styling of KoRn.

Often while in the middle of conversation, I'll break off and start talking about something completely different, move onto several other conversations, then suddenly continue the conversation I was chatting about 30 minutes prior. I guess it doesn't help that I'm an only child, an only child who managed to play dodge ball alone, and make a game out of hiding from passing cars.

Suffering from ADHD plus imaginary playmates that hated you.

My septum is pierced, so is my lip. Sometimes I'll wear them for months at a time, and sometimes not. There is absolutely no cause either way. Most people I know dislike my septum ring, and have no opinion of my lip ring.

You are one wild and crazy guy! Do you take that bull ring out during hay fever season?

Myself: I stand 5'11", the shortest male in my family, with the thickest bones. I suppose most people would consider me 'fat' as I currently 270lbs. I used to be 320lbs, so I'm actually feeling pretty slim right now. I'm so mixed people call me a mutt. I'm a nce reallyew ra, or perhaps just a generalization of several races. Who knows, who cares. I have tanned olive colored skin, black hair, and brown eyes to match.

Yourself: Looks aren't all that important to me. I've dated "fine" girls in the past who were total morons. I've also dated quite "ugly" girls, one of which happens to be one of my favorite ex-girlfriends to this date. Personality pwn* looks. Height, I suppose 5' or taller. Weight, well I tend to like women on the thicker side. Race doesn't matter. I don't know, it my preference constantly changes for me to be perfectly honest. I suppose a mixed race woman with a brain on the slightly thicker side would be ideal for me.

Used by people that get kicks out of flaming chat areas with poor spelling and/or bad typing errors. Sadly, typing "pwnd" gives them a greater sense of achievement than typing "owned".

Yea I have a car, a fast car. Yea I have a job, I'm a manager. No I haven't attended collage (yet), and 'yes' I live with 'my' "roommates" (if you can figure that one out). Believe me, it wasn't by choice.
To sum up: Super-Megaphone-Wanna-Pimp-My-Ride-GED-awarded- Blockbuster-Manager who still lives with Mom and Dad.

Interests: Snowboarding, video games, the beach, culinary arts, social drinking, driving (cars) & riding (motorcycles); racing, computers (building, fixing, modding), dancing, running.

At 270lbs is running really a hobby!?

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