Convicted Felon Seeks Christard

Christian man looking or love - 30 (Houston)

I'm posting this ad for my buddy Ramon, he is currently locked up in Snyder TX, but he will be out in a little over a year.

He is looking
for a pen pal/long term relationship. He wants a sweet, preferably Christian girl.

Looks don't really matter too much, although he said
for me to ask for plus sized girl between 25-35, who can get to know him for the wonderful man that he is, instead of judging him for his past mistakes, so if your interested please get back to me!! Thanks!!

What Christatrophe would be interested in a convict? Next time include why your boy is in "lock up".


Anonymous said...

there is a christard on www.beaconhell.com not sure if it's the kind you are looking for though.

So-lo said...

I am not sure if I follow your train of thought on this comment--Flame broil of a wanna be hacker? What is murtard?

Regardless a christard is a "fudamentalist Christian, devout to the point of mental retardation. A non-thinking person of Christian faith."


So-lo said...

Oh wait, I found it:

Murt is "a sound one makes when situations become extremely awkward. Can be exaggerated to emphasize the awkwardness. Also can be used when about to break bad news to a family member or friend." (Urban Dictionary)