Lights, Camera and Desperation:

We collected a number of images from actual personal ads. In the following post we highlight some of the more interesting acts of desperation. Please comment. *oh if you find your picture in our collection-take the fucking hint!*~Stupid Personals Editor.

Ahh, it smells like pooh! Yes, a grown man in a brown pooh costume--studder not included? BTW: The actual ad said, "here's me in my Pooh costume, just one of many."

A long lamented, but heretofore ignored, problem among participants of Renaissance Faires and other period Re-Creationists is a syndrome known commonly as Faire Nerdism or "complete loss of focus on reality". Hey, Tinker, you waiting for a kebler elf?

Meow!! If you love animals, it is much more pathetic to to see a picture that states, "I have two fluffy fat cats and no social life." Tabby #1: She makes us wear sweaters and booties. Tabby 2: Help us!!! cats.

Posting a group shot with your personal ad keeps one guessing. Orgy?

Now, here is a classy trend--including a shot of large amounts of cash in your personal ad. Yo I gots the bjs!! I gots at least $1,000 dollars! More than your broke ass mofo boyfriend.

When you decide a gun is your sexiest attribute, you might have some unresolved issues.

Drinking is such a turn on--no wait is that syurp?

If you are going to post an image of your chest, make sure you have hit puberty.

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