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Let's Go 2 FL & Feed Terri B4 She Starves To Death

Last night in a dream, Jesus brought me a plan. He told me to bake a lasagna, to blend it up, and to fill tranquilizer darts with the puree. I'm then supposed to jet down to FL, where I'll perch in a tree and, using my hobo hunting rifle, fire the lasagna filled tranq darts through Terri's hospital window, into her belly-- delivering a satiating dose of cheesy-saucy goodness. Jesus also told me this was a two person operation, and that I ought to seek out a pretty girl on the internet, to be my lookout.

If interested, please send me a pic and tell me when your last confession was. Ladies with a military background, tactical police training, or who are experienced in fire bombing abortion clinics will be given 1st consideration. Hurry! Time is of the essence!

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