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holy shit i hate fucking dating. - 27

plain and simple; i like to smoke, lay around, drink, and watch cartoons. I go out; I do all those trendy thing too but that shit is overrated. I'm 5'7 and 150lbs. I live alone and have a decent career. And I don't deal well with bullshit. I'm sick of the game and just want an honest dependable person. It'd be nice if she had a sense of humor too. eh - fuck this it ain't ever gonna work wnyways. Damn my eyes.

Like MAGIC! Will read breasts to reveal ROMANCE, HAPPINESS, SUCCESS

Ever wonder what your future may feature? Well, while some may read palms, tea leaves, or tarot cards, I am able to "read" breasts! I know how these indicators of Happiness, Romance, and Success can be brought out into the open to point the way to what's up ahead. For example, you may wonder whether a current beau is worth your attention -- or -- should you make any adjustments with regard to your career. A truly "revealing" session can be 90 minutes or more, although a briefer reading can also be effective.

And, this is a free service -- yet it is both worthwhile and important. Just pick a place where you'll be comfortable, and prepare for an informative and incomparable experience. Through quasi-tantric techniques of touch I uncover meaning, significance, attitude, and insight. Here are a pair of actual testimonials: -- "Wonderful attention and touch." -- "A very relaxing, sensual time."

Make Me Famous!!! - 22
OK, so not actually famous, but I have an assignment for a PR class I'm taking to "make ourselves famous". This is not really as easy as one may think, trust me, I've been trying for a couple of weeks now. Anyway, all I really need is a write up and a picture somewhere, maybe an invitation to a hot party that will have photographers at it, ANYTHING! I really don't want to fail this class :)
I am a 22 year old attractive female, so I'm sure no one would have a problem using my photo for anything. So, if you can help in anyway, please drop me an e-mail. And guys, I will not be having sex with anyone in return for this, so if that's what you're thinking don't even bother writing :) Thanks!!!

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