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Metrosexual Twixter ISO Understanding Woman - 25

Hi. Good-looking, well-educated young man who lives with his parents and despises his dead-end job at a prestigious law firm seeks engaging, beautiful woman who won't care that some people may think he's a loser.


Pros and Cons of dating me..

PRO--Currently single though I do meet my share of women around town.
CON--The girls I meet never wind up being the right girl (or girl I want) to date.

PRO--Good looking guy. Good shape. Stylish.
CON--Not a hottie so those that want a trophy/arm candy, I'm not him.

PRO--have a successful, high paying job which I love for the most part.
CON--work too much on occassions.

PRO--fondness for extremely intelligent women, that can keep up with me intellectually, spiritually, and sexually, and actually enjoy the challenge.

CON--Zero tolerence for difficult and high maintenance types.
PRO--learning to cook.

CON--cooking for 1 sucks. Hate to do dishes.
PRO--like sex a lot. the sex must be good. And frequent.

CON--haven't been having too much of it lately.
PRO--love to travel.

CON--lack the time makes it hard to do so.
PRO--wonderful sense or humor, often sarcastic.

CON--many women that I meet are serious and can get offended by my sense of humor.
PRO--extremely flirtatious.

CON--if you don't enjoy flirting as much, you might be uncomfortable hanging around me.
PRO--healthy & happy (Dependency and Disease-FREE).

CON--Single. :)

Game Over.

I need you like a drug - 33

So did you ever see the movie on HBO this month called 'Dope Sick Love'? It's about two homeless drug addicted couples living in NYC. While watching it, I realized I was jealous of them - no, not for their stylish street looks, or the lack of teeth that seems to befall crack addicts. The thing I was jealous of, was their relationship with each other. Even living in squalor, eating out of garbage cans and whoring themselves out for drug money, they still have adoration for each other - the 'as long as I have you' feeling.

If drug addicted toothless dirty people can find their true love in the streets, why shouldn't I find someone on craigslist?
I mean, I found my apt here, didn't I?
Anyway, I'm a Single white guy, 33, 195 lbs, 6 ft 2, decent shape, blue eyes, full head of hair. I got a good job (which took me 2 hours to get to today - fellow riders on the 4,5,6 know what I'm talking about), good life, avid reader, love travelling, and I seem to always seem to be the source for a good laugh. Been called cute, good looking - I'll send you a pic for a pic, so can judge for yourself.
Crackheads need not apply. Other drugs/addictions are open for discussion. What's life without any vices? I wouldn't know.

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