Looking for a Party Girl?

Republican Girlfriend - 40
Date: 2005-03-21, 9:06PM EST
Seeking a Republican Girlfriend

I've had it up to here with all the liberal women in NYC, and I certainly don't want to be dating one. So I'm seeking a nice republican girl for dating and romance and, who knows, maybe we can even one day do our bit to protect the institution of marriage from being taken over by liberal gay-loving activist judges. Here's what I'm looking for:

Love of Country. After all, that's how you can tell a liberal from a republican: the liberal is not patriotic and would rather see the country taken over by commies. Our president has certainly distinguished himself with his selfless service in the armed forces. Anyone who questions the president or our policies doesn't deserve freedom anyways.

Respect for Life. My girlfriend should have a healthy respect for all living things, including unborn children. We need to prevent sex education in schools so kids don't get the wrong ideas.

Tough on Crime. Criminals suck and should be either locked away for life or put to death!

Less Government. We need to get government off the backs of the people! Liberals want to make more laws about what can be taught in school, where and when to pray, and what kinds of things can be shown on television. It is not the proper place for government to dictate how we educate our children, or live our lives, or practice our religious beliefs.

Good Christian values. None of this liberal mamby-pamby about love and tolerance of our neighbors. As a true republican with Christian values, my girlfriend should believe as I do that our mission in life to make sure that others to do what we think is God's will

Family Life: I can't understand why women have no respect for men these days. Republicans have always been strong advocates of women's rights; whether it be social, financial, or sexual. A well run family depends on women having the proper respect for the family bread-winner.

Any good looking women who share my vision should write. Together we can be the best!!

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