Cow jump over the moon and the fork ran away with..

Do I need to say more? Please send a pic--and I may send a matching piece of silverware to you. I hope you have a nice curve. I am high end, polished, and dishwasher safe. Will not tarnish your self respect. You are now at a fork in the road. Come my way for a sharp time.
the Yetzer Ha-Ra - 31
I'm one of those nice guys who is getting damn tired of finishing last. [This is hardly aided by being unconventional in a town of cookie-cutter people living in cookie-cutter houses: the type that don't want to know you if you don't conform to their small-minded vision of "reality".]
I want to find a seductive woman who will bring out the worst in me: I'm can be a horrible pushover for a pretty face.
Note: The brain is the most eroginous organ... while your countenance might command my attention, it will take your intelligence and creativity to capture my soul. More about me if you write back.
Kudos for a compelling picture of your self; bonus points if you're alluring without seeming sleazy.

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